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The L.O.X.

The L.O.X.

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Rap/Hip Hop  
The L.O.X. also known as D-Block is a group of 3 emcees originating from Yonkers, New York discovered by Mary J. Blige. The name The L.O.X. stands for "Living Off Experience" and is composed of Jadakiss (Jayson Phillips), Sheek Louch (Shawn Jacobs), and Styles P (David Styles). Bad Boy released their first album 'Money, Power, and Respect' and released 'Money, Power, and Respect' as their lead single. During this time, their tribute to the late Notorious B.I.G., "We'll Always Love Big Poppa" became a single that put the group on the map.

They ended up leaving Bad Boy over financial disputes with record boss P. Diddy and were snapped up by the DMX-led Ruff Ryders. At that time they released 'We Are The Streets' with the stand-out singles 'Wild Out' and 'Ryde or Die, Bitch.' They expanded their group with the inclusion of new member, Jae Hood, and are now also known as D-Block. As individual artists, each member of The L.O.X. has released at least one album. Jadakiss released 'Kiss The Game Goodbye' and 'Kiss of Death,' Sheek Louch, 'Walk Witt Me' and 'After Taxes', and Styles P., 'A Gangsta and a Gentleman.' Jadakiss has been the most commercially successful with singles 'Knock Yourself Out,' 'We Gonna Make It,' 'Put Yo Hands Up,' and 'Why?'; Styles P. has released 'Good Times (I Get High)' and 'My Life' and Sheek Louch 'Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up).'

Currently, the L.O.X. have dramatically increased their exposure and popularity and are frequently featured on mixtapes under the better known moniker of D-Block. A D-Block record label has been established.

D-Block are currently beefing with G-Unit after 50 Cent dissed Jadakiss for appearing on 50's enemy's (Ja Rule) single. The feud has grown to encompass both groups.