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No Doubt

No Doubt

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Rock, Alternative  
Country  USA
Years active1987-
No Doubt is an American alternative rock group whose music was initially influenced heavily by ska and New Wave.

The group first formed in Orange County in the city of Anaheim in December 1986 with John Spence as lead singer. He committed suicide in 1988, leaving Gwen Stefani as lead vocalist. The band developed a reasonable live following, mainly in the band's home state of California. In in 1994, Gwen's older brother Eric left to puruse an animating job on the cartoon TV series The Simpsons.

No Doubt's self-titled first album was released in 1992 through Interscope, and featured the single "Trapped in a Box". The Beacon Street Collection was their second album released independently. The release of 1995's Tragic Kingdom and the single "Just a Girl" allowed the group to achieve mainstream commercial success. The next single, "Don't Speak" (1996), written about the dissolution of Gwen and Tony Kanal's romantic relationship, was a number one hit for 21 weeks on airplay chart of the Billboard Hot 100. Tragic Kingdom has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

In 2000, the band released their highly anticipated followup Return of Saturn. The album featured a darker tone and was more lyrically advanced than No Doubt's previous works. The band has spoken unkindly of the album in more recent interviews for various reasons. Consequently, they have excluded many fan-favorite songs in post-2000 concerts such as "Home Now", "Comforting Lie", "Dark Blue" and "Artificial Sweetner".

No Doubt's most recent studio album, Rock Steady, featured a hit Grammy winning single, "Hey Baby", with a notably more studio-influenced flavour.

Publicity for the group was mainly focused on Gwen and her image as a strong woman in the music industry. Gwen's hairstyle and clothing have been copied by teenage girls worldwide, who have traditionally gained the title of gwenabees.

An album featuring all their singles was released in 2003. It included their first cover version, "It's My Life" which had originally been a hit for Talk Talk. No Doubt also released a 2-CD 2-DVD box set titled Everything in Time. Rock Steady Live, a DVD of one of the band's Long Beach concert, has also been released.

No Doubt's latest single is "Bathwater (Remix)", which has been released as a CD single in countries such as the UK and Australia. No Doubt has planned a US tour with Blink 182 for later in 2004.