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A Camp

A Camp

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Alternative  
Country  Sweden
A Camp is the solo side project of Nina Persson, vocalist for the popular Swedish indie/pop band The Cardigans. A Camp was formed during The Cardigans' break after several years of touring and recording albums, the last of which was, at the time, Gran Turismo. While Gran Turismo may have been darker musically, A Camp reflects Persson's gifts for clever juxtaposition of somber lyrics with more upbeat music. This time, however, Persson opted for a country music style more akin to the recent popularity of alt-country in the US. A Camp's self-titled debut album released the singles "I Can Buy You" and "Song For The Leftovers." Interestingly enough, Nina's country-inspired outing seems to have also inspired The Cardigans most recent album, Long Gone Before Daylight which was released in the UK in the summer of 2003 and was released in May 2004 in the US.