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Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray

Fact Sheet

City  Orange County, California, USA
Years active1992-
Sugar Ray is a band from Orange County, California.

Sugar Ray is classified as an alternative band. Its original and most hard-core work is very ska, but the ska influence eventually dissipated with each new album and hit single.

Sugar Ray first became famous as mainstream music in the summer of 1997, with the incessant radio play of its song "Fly". By the end of 1997, critics were calling Sugar Ray a one-hit wonder. The album 14:59 was the comeback to these accusations, with the title implying that their fifteen minutes of fame were not quite up (as if they were currently clocked at 14:59).

In 1998, the radio stations played their cut "Every Morning", while throughout 1999 the choice cut was "Someday".

Sugar Ray consists of the following band members:

  • Mark McGrath - vocals
  • Rodney Sheppard - guitar
  • Murphy Karges - bass
  • Stan Frazier - drums