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Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Pop  
Birthday9 August 1972 (45)
Birthplace  Taiwan
Chang Hui-mei (Hanyu Pinyin: Zhang Himi) (b. August 9, 1972), popularly known as A-Mei, is a Taiwanese pop singer.

She was born a tribal princess of the Puyuma aborigines in a mountainous region of eastern Taiwan .

A-Mei became known for a provocative style of dress, energetic performances in which she would often break into a heavy sweat, and a sultry voice reminiscent of Mariah Carey's.

A-Mei has become the subject of considerable political contraversy in recent years. In 2000, she sung the ROC national anthem at the first Presidential inauguration of Chen Shui-bian. This angered the PRC government, which subsequently banned her from performing in mainland China until June 2001. In June 2004, she cancelled a concert to be held in Hangzhou after some 100 people held up banners and chanted: "Oppose Taiwan independence, unify China". In response, many A-Mei fans in Taiwan called for a boycott of singers from mainland China.

Public opinion of A-Mei in Taiwan has also been mixed recently. In August 2004 following demands from certain quarters in mainland China that she sing the PRC national anthem and "other patriotic songs", Vice President Annette Lu demanded that A-Mei choose between her singing career in mainland China and defending Taiwan's national interests. A-Mei has denied any political motives and insisted that she does not want to get involved in politics.

Her albums include Holding Hands; 1998, Can I hold you, lover; 1999, Regardless; 2001, and Fever; 2002