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Reinhard Mey

Reinhard Mey

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Singer-songwriter  
Birthday21 February 1942 (75)
Reinhard Friedrich Michael Mey (born December 21, 1942, Berlin) is a German singer-songwriter.

Mey lives in Berlin Frohnau in second marriage (since 1977) with Mrs. Hella Hennies (born in Hannover) and has had three children with her: Frederic (b. 1977), Maximilian (b. 1982), and Victoria Luise (b. 1985). He married his first wife Christine in 1967 and they were divorced in 1976.

In 1963 Mey graduated from the French Gymnasium in Berlin receiving the German Abitur as well as the French Baccalauréat and thereafter began a training as an industrial trader at Schering AG Berlin. He broke off an economics study in order to dedicate himself fully to songwriting and singing and has been a successful performer in Germany, in France and in the Netherlands ever since. His songs are in German and French.