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MC Lyte

MC Lyte

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Rap/Hip Hop  
Birthplace  USA
One of the first major female rappers, MC Lyte (b. October 11, 19??) was born in Queens, New York City. She released her first single, I Cram to Understand U at twelve-years old, then signed a contract with First Priority. Lyte As a Rock, a full-length album, was released in 1988, followed by 1989's Eyes on This. Both were well-received. Lyte released Act Like You Know (1991) and Ain't No Other (1993). Lyte then moved to Elektra/Asylum and released Bas As I Wanna B (1996), which included a collaboration with Missy Elliott called Cold Rock a Party. Seven & Seven (1998) also included guest appearances from Missy Elliott, along with LL Cool J and Giovanni Salah.