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S Club 7

S Club 7

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Pop  
Country  England, UK
Years active1999-2003
S Club 7 was a British pop band. The band was initially composed of four girls and three boys, but disbanded in May 2003.

The members were:

The band's name was changed to S Club when Cattermole left.

In both Great Britain and the United States, S Club 7 has starred in three television series with Fox Network's Fox Family: S Club 7 Miami, S Club 7 in LA and Viva S Club.

A contest asking for children to join S Club 7 during a performance at Wembley arena resulted in 9 children forming another band, originally called S Club Juniors. One of them - Connor - left this band early but the others keep the S Club legecy alive to this day under the name of S Club 8. They also had a small role in 'Viva S Club'. Their hits include: One Step Closer, Automatic High, New Direction, Puppy Love and Fool No More.

Following the performance of S Club 7 at the Queen's Jubilee celebration in June 2002, member Paul Cattermole officially left the group amicably. Subsequently, they changed their name to simply S Club, and carried on for one more year, releasing Seeing Double in November 2002, which also starred the popular singing Gareth Gates.

After the band had split up, former member Rachel Stevens started a solo career.