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Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Latin Pop  
Birthday19 April 1970 (47)
Birthplace  Puerto Rico
Luis Miguel is a Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer who is popular throughout the Hispanic world. He is nicknamed "El Sol De Mexico" (The Mexican Sun).

Luis Miguel's parents had both worked in the entertainment business; his Italian mother, Marcela Basteri, an actress, and his Spanish father, Luisito Rey, a famous guitarrist.

Miguel's career commenced at age 11 when the young Miguel was spotted performing at a birthday party in Veracruz by a Mexican record executive, and was promptly given a record deal. He rapidly became a teen idol.

Later developing a more sophisticated image modelled on singers such as Julio Iglesias and Frank Sinatra, Miguel began singing less pop-orientated material, and went on to make a highly successful career as an adult singer, making many recordings and performing in numerous countries. His 1991 album Romance, a collection of Latin boleros, became the first ever gold-selling Spanish language album in the United States. Miguel also sang "Come Fly With Me" with Sinatra on the latter's 1993 all-star collection, Duets.

In 1998, Miguel co-starred in the film Fiebre de Amor, and also contributed on the soundtrack.