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The Osmonds

The Osmonds

Fact Sheet

Musical genre:Pop  
The Osmonds are an American family pop group who achieved enormous worldwide success as teenybopper idols in the 1970s.

The group originally comprised brothers Alan Ralph Osmond (born June 22, 1949), Melvin Wayne Osmond (known as Wayne) (born August 28, 1951), Merrill Davis Osmond (born April 30, 1953), and Jay Wesley Osmond (born March 2, 1955).

The Osmonds career started with a big break at Disneyland, followed quickly by regular appearances on "The Andy Williams Show" in the early sixties, but their most successful period was the seventies, when they achieved a string of chart hits. One of their first major hits, "Crazy Horses", could be described as rock, but they followed it with gentler, more sentimental songs such as "Let Me In" and "Love Me For a Reason." This music, combined with the brothers' good looks and clean image, greatly appealed to the teenybopper market. They were so successful that a new word, "Osmania" was coined to describe the phenomenon.

They were joined for a time by younger brothers Donny Osmond, (born December 9, 1957) and subsequently "Little" Jimmy Osmond, (born April 16, 1963). Donny, and to a lesser extent, Jimmy, both achieved success as solo artists, as did their one sister, Marie Osmond (born October 13, 1959). Donny and Marie also performed as a duo hosted their own variety show,"The Donny and Marie Show", on the ABC network in the seventies.

There are also two older brothers, Virl and Tom, who were born deaf.

The brothers are also well known as devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and are particularly strong on family values. All of the brothers are married with large families themselves. Alan's eight sons occasionally perform as "The Osmonds - Second Generation".

Wayne and Merrill continue to perform as The Osmond Brothers, with an occasional appearance by Jay. Today their sound is more country & western, with a bit of rock, and adult contemporary thrown in.